The Most Liberating Wifi

Where has Wifi evolved to today? Are we all enjoying the liberation of high-speed internet, or are many of us still stuck with AT&T?

Many of us today often travel around or are usually on-the-go, wether it be going to work or it be spending a day in a big city. Many other counties in the world have incredibly fast internet speeds and have the ability to connect nearly anywhere around them, even if it’s from their mobile devices.

Well, now we can all rejoice and feel absolutely liberated with invention of Karma Go! Since Karma Wifi’s creation of 2012, there have been thousands of people using this service and even more are joining up.

Karma Go is a special device that is as small as the palm of your hand and will fir perfectly in your pocket. It acts as a 4G/LTE Wifi Hotspot hub and is a Pay-As-You-Go Service. It disperses a Wifi connection when you want it. New users and even random people can join in and use it for free around you, the best thing about this is that you can will get more Karma points/credit for allowing them to join and use your mobile wifi. You don’t lose anything from this, you will actually gain more time to use your wifi service.

Why do I love Karma Go?

I love Karma because I really enjoy the thought of having a mobile wifi hotspot in my pocket that works father than my AT&T unlimited data connection. I can take it anywhere and I can pay for more when I want to. I can use the connection on my phone or even my laptop, now I can go to any cafe that I want to and never worry about finding a wifi connection.

Wifi Liberation!

I bet that while having this around me, many people will want to take advantage of free wifi, and being a local in San Francisco will make it more prominent for them to find the connection. With all the locked wifi connections and and the ones the look open (but are sign-up only or locked), this would be liberating for everyone.



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