The First Ever Hear’ables In Innovation

Here by Doppler Labs

What do you get what do you get when you cross noise canceling with the live world? Well, you’d get Here by Doppler Labs!

Ever wish you could not completely cancel out noise but instead alter it in some way? It’s finally possible and a new innovation from Doppler Labs has now made this possible.


What makes this product unique is that it’s not canceling out sound in the way traditional methods would be done, it’s taking live sound that you here in your everyday life and altering it and changing it and then feeding it back to you. It’s modifying live sound and letting you hear it in a completely new way.

The Packaging

Not only has Doppler Labs created a good product, they have taking something a creative new method to packaging it as well. The case they have created for Here also acts as a charging source for it as well, now that’s innovative!

Here by Doppler Labs Caseeq

In Your Ears

So exactly how do you wear it? Well, as claimed in the Here videos, Doppler Labs has been catering to all ear sizes and will carry a piece for to cater to your ears. It sits snug in your ears so that you will be not have background noise sneaking in and ruining your experience.

earbuds-doppler-hearing-music-millenials -

Catering to iPhone users first is a good first step for Doppler Labs, and their app user interface looks incredible and easy to use. It resembles something that has EQ’s and frequencies when changing live sound, music lovers will fall in love with this product as many already have (See Pioneers on Here)

Here-Active-Listening-earbuds_Doppler-Labs - Dezeenlive eq - Business Insider

So who is this for?

These headphones are for any music enthusiast, concert go-er, the everyday commuter who likes not hearing the loud sound of the train around them, and even those people with Autism.

Here’s why: All users of the product ‘Here’ will able to change live sound around them, something that hasn’t quite been done before in the way this product has achieved. With this product you can personalize their own sound expereince, that’s something truly special.


So How can you get them?

You can go visit their website here and signup to the waitlist, once you have been notified via email with a special code, you can visit their website and purchase these special earphones, they are roughly $200.00 before taxes. I’m already on the waitlist to be a part of this great expereince, how about you?

Important Links

Here website:
Here – The Pioneers:
Doppler Labs website:

Here-Active-Listening-earbuds_Doppler-Labs_dezeen_1568_0Here Active Listening Logo (PRNewsFoto/Doppler Labs)


A Camera for the Future

A month back I saw a camera that was quite intriguing and incredibly pleasing to the eye, I truly have never seen anything like it ever before, meet the Light L16 Camera!

Upon first viewing of this futuristic camera, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it has 16 optical lenses all packed into one camera that will take multiple pictures at different depths and pack them all into one very large 52 megapixel photo, nothing that I ever thought was possible with a point-and-shoot in todays time but because of the lenses in this camera I believe that this is perhaps a game-changer for cameras all-around.

So, my thoughts on the design, it most certainly has a spider-esk style to it with it’s lenses and it’s slick black color. Any camera enthusiast will love the Light L16 not only because of it’s design, but because of it’s capabilities…

That’s where tech lovers come in! If you are really are into the latest trends, this new camera will be released some time in early 2016 and you’d sure want to be able to get your hands on one of them (as I know I will).

The Internals

Now, I am most impressed at the size of the L16, the camera maximizes it’s space more effifiently that any other poin-and-shoot camera i’ve ever seen. The way that the lenses have been packed so close together and are still properly layed out is a magnificent achievement within itself.

light-1 from CNET

Credit: CNET

The creators

The creators of the Light L16 are both Dr. Rajiv Laroia (CTO and Co-Founder) and Bradley Lautenbach (VP of Marketing).


Credit: The Verge

So how can you get one?

Currently (December 5’th, 2015) there is a Holiday sale going on right now, so you can buy and reserve one now for $200.00, you will be able to pay the remaining amount of money it costs once it is released. Normally it is priced at $1,700 MSRP; however, with Holiday pricing in effect, you are sure to receive a discount for the holidays. You can visit their website here

Watch the Light L16 Videos Below

The Light L16 Camera

Light L16: The Light Story

Light L16: Missed Moments

Fine Art

An Incredible Fine Artist

Recently I was searching through featured painters and artists and discovered an amazing artist who lives in the UK, here name is Sarah Maycock.

She is an incredible fine artist who uses a combination of watercolors and pens to create her works. Some of her paintings are very detailed, some of them are relatively simple; however, all are visually compelling and creative. I immediately fell in love with her work and cared very much for her design aesthetic, I feel that it’s unique in itself and not like any others, which in todays world would be considered as “making it”.


One of her works that I came to love was the artwork that she created for the famous musical artist, singer, and songwriter “Imogen Heap”, currently living in the UK. She created various fine art for Imogen Heap’s 3rd song “Neglected Space”, which simply is a masterpiece in itself.

Sarah Maycock has even created a special painting for Imogen Heap that was set up to be sold from “Pledge Music” which is a website where customers and fans can buy merchandise online from their favorite musicians and the money the spend will go to a good causes. This painting contained 24 different items in it that were of things that Imogen Heap used during the creation of her 3 year long music album ranging from 2011 to 2014.

Shown below are some my favorite artworks from her that she has created over time. She truly has a very special and unique style to her painting, this is why she caught my eye so quickly.

Click here to visit her website

Sarah Maycock Imogen Heap

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 20.16.00



Next Level Digital Wallets

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I have, I do, and I will always have each and every single card that I own with me.

We are all creatures of habit, we do certain things because we like to, sometimes we don’t like to change.I love carrying way to many cards with me in my wallet, even if I still have the bulk.

Now, I have always wondered who would catch up to my visual concepts and idea of my Allard™ project, today I am relatively proud to say that there are companies today finally coming up with something that lives up to what I have dreamed of.

Once you have a look at this, it will leave you saying “screw Coin, i’m buying this!” and if this product releases, I would honestly be saying the same exact thing.

The Wonders of a Wallet

The answer to all the fat-wallet problems would have to be Plastic which is a digital card that will hold all of your cards in one place. It holds your debit cards/credit cards, loyalty cards, access cards, an ID reference card, and much more. Best of all…it has a touch screen!

Because it has a touchscreen, it also has a keyboard on the screen so that you could enter your pin-number onto the card to gain access. When you pay for something, if the sales clerk asks you for your ID, you can just show your Plastc card to them that has a black and white photo of you right on the screen of the card. You can swipe though each card left-to-right or the other way to view and use all of your cards. The other thing that makes Plastic card so great is that it will also re-charge for you, and won’t have to send it back to the manufacturers like the other ones being made today that are in beta.

Magic to your Wallet!

Now after finally seeing this special card I bet you’re ready to pre-order it, but what does that do for your wallet? Well for starters, your wallet will be much smaller, you will have room for more cash (coins excluded), your bus-pass card, and your ID card. What else could you really need, now you finally will not have anymore bulk in your wallet!

Watch the Plastc Intro Video Below

Also, visit their website here.



The Most Liberating Wifi

Where has Wifi evolved to today? Are we all enjoying the liberation of high-speed internet, or are many of us still stuck with AT&T?

Many of us today often travel around or are usually on-the-go, wether it be going to work or it be spending a day in a big city. Many other counties in the world have incredibly fast internet speeds and have the ability to connect nearly anywhere around them, even if it’s from their mobile devices.

Well, now we can all rejoice and feel absolutely liberated with invention of Karma Go! Since Karma Wifi’s creation of 2012, there have been thousands of people using this service and even more are joining up.

Karma Go is a special device that is as small as the palm of your hand and will fir perfectly in your pocket. It acts as a 4G/LTE Wifi Hotspot hub and is a Pay-As-You-Go Service. It disperses a Wifi connection when you want it. New users and even random people can join in and use it for free around you, the best thing about this is that you can will get more Karma points/credit for allowing them to join and use your mobile wifi. You don’t lose anything from this, you will actually gain more time to use your wifi service.

Why do I love Karma Go?

I love Karma because I really enjoy the thought of having a mobile wifi hotspot in my pocket that works father than my AT&T unlimited data connection. I can take it anywhere and I can pay for more when I want to. I can use the connection on my phone or even my laptop, now I can go to any cafe that I want to and never worry about finding a wifi connection.

Wifi Liberation!

I bet that while having this around me, many people will want to take advantage of free wifi, and being a local in San Francisco will make it more prominent for them to find the connection. With all the locked wifi connections and and the ones the look open (but are sign-up only or locked), this would be liberating for everyone.


Design, Technology

Why Her May Dominate Future UI Design

In our ever changing world, technology is always evolving. We see it happening every day. With the birth of iOS7 and the new Google Interfaces being created for each of their apps, the vision has become clear to us, the days of skeuomorphism are over.

A big reference to the film HER has become prominent in design, i’m sure many people saw it coming in this kind of film. I loved the situation love being re-defined and thought about in a complete different aspect and nature, this film portrayed this image so perfectly and allowed itself to be portrayed in a not-so-far off future, it actually is quite realistic in my opinion.

The UI Designs from HER

All of the user interfaces from the film HER use a very clean design color palette that we haven’t really quite seen before, even the computers that are used have clean designs. It’s something that we hadn’t quite seen before in the way technology looks.

The User interface in this film wasn’t suppose to drive the user, it was created to be more user friendly with the use of minimalism. Through the use of solid color and no textures and things that weren’t needed, designs, shapes, and color could take the lead and allow the user to clearly understand a user interface. Theodore never really had to look too deeply into his computer screen or focus much on where things were on his computer because everything in his computer screen was so easily accessible to him.

Where we are completely moving away from skeuomorphism, there are still small things the relatively remain visible to us, gradients. We can always use these; however, it’s best that as designers, we use them carefully, no one wants to see a green-to-blue background gradient on a web page.

About Samantha

Who don’t want a more user-friendly operating system that you could have a conversation with? I know that I would like to have an artificial intelligence system that could learn about and what I enjoy doing, even be able to refer things to me and help me when I need it. I thought it was amazing how Samantha had quite an evolving personality and as the film went on, she kept learning much more than she could be imagine. I certainly do hope that new AI’s being created in the future will live up to how this film has portrayed them to be.

~ Thank you some much Spike Jones!